KIFFAL gives you altogether control and commands through sea freight services. KIFFAL has an indomitable place in the industry that offers up to date international transportation solutions to clients across the world. Our link to a range of extensive network of carriers makes enough space for the safe transport of goods via sea.

The close association with the world’s major airports enable us to effortlessly manage the international shipments with guaranteed moving time. With our comprehensive range of ocean freight solutions and services, we ensure an effortless flow of goods to the right place, at the right time and in an affordable way.


The sea freight services we offer are designed according to your needs

  • Full Container Load Service (FCL)
  • Less than Container Load Service (LCL)
  • Multi modal Transport solutions
  • Handle all types of cargo
  • Conventional load services
  • Cargo vessel charter
  • and other prominent sea-freight services

Since the shipment is in terms of contractual an emergency basis with the leading carriers or vessels, customers are for sure they get the affordable pricing structure for their logistics order. Therefore, if you are in need of dependable sea-freight services in Kerala, KIFFAL is here to make your business flow.

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